Top Reasons Homeowners Consider Selling Homes

Special moments and fond memories are made at home. It doesn’t matter much if you are living with a large family or all by yourself, your home will always be your place of comfort and joy. This is why deciding to sell your home is such a big milestone. We understand you must have a very compelling reason to consider selling your home.

Real Estate Whangarei eight reasons why homeowners typically decide to sell their home. Find out if your reason for selling yours is on our list.

1. Family is growing. 

Your cozy, little place with only two bedrooms and a small garage is no longer comfortable for a growing family. When the kids no longer want to share rooms, it’s time to find a more spacious place with enough room for everyone.

2. Relationship breakups

What if the fond memories turn into bad ones? When you’re broken hearted and want to move on, it is better to find another place where you won’t be constantly reminded of your past relationship. Sell your home and start fresh.

3. Not anymore happy with the neighbourhood 

Sometimes, your requirements for a neighbourhood change. Gone are the days or partying it up. School catchments become the big priority.

4. Changing jobs or locations

It’s the usual playbook for professionals. You get promoted and re-assigned, so need to sell your home to start the next chapter of your life.

5. Nearing retirement 

Retirement, that time when you are busier than ever but are doing the things you love. Whether relocating near the sea or mountains we are no longer tied by the 9-5.

6. Tired of the upkeep 

All we want is a relaxing home, not a place that will stress us out with the upkeep. All these maintenance issues, or just a home too big and a lifetime of cleaning. Now is the time to sell.

7. You want a brand new, grander home 

Sometimes, you just get the feeling you want a grand home, with a large bedroom, a royal stairwell and a spacious yard. Deciding to sell you home to go live like royalty in another house is not a bad idea.

8. Demand is high (your neighbours are selling and they get hefty dollars)

If you still have not weighed the pros and cons of home selling, try looking around your neighbourhood. Some homeowners could be enjoying hefty sums for selling homes. Selling your home could leave you with a hefty windfall.

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