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So you are finally at the point of selling your house and moving to that spacious property you’ve always dreamed of. By the time you’re reading this, you probably have already searched for that new house to move in. The problem now is, how would you increase the odds of having your current home sold?

Don’t worry if you haven’t anticipated this from the get-go. Below are some of the few tips we could give for first-time sellers who wish to place their house in the market:

1. Prepare to let go!


While you may be very enthusiastic right now about getting into a bigger home, by the time you take steps to sell your current home, you’ll be surprised you suddenly get very emotional. You love your house—maybe you’re not ready to let go yet. A chunk of memories has been made in your humble home. All the laughter and crying—your house has witnessed all of it. You could or could not be denying it to yourself. But that’s okay, prepare to let go and think of making new memories in your new home.

2. Home Stage Your House


Home staging is flexing the space of your home, accentuated in the best light. This also covers arranging your furniture and decors to emphasize the beauty of your home. By doing so, you allow potential buyers a glimpse of what your home looks and feels like—whether in picture or in person. Staging your house as a form of marketing increases the probability of attracting buyers to your house.

3. Hire an Agent

The housing market can be very competitive, and it won’t be easy to sell the house independently. To fast-track the transaction, get yourself the best real estate agent whom you can consider a partner as well. This way, your agent will not be someone who wants to seal the deal and get his/her commission. But instead, she will be hands-on and careful in assessing the best buyer for your beloved home. Get in touch with your Whangarei real estate agent and ask for advice or free property appraisal. This way, you worry less about selling your home, and you have time to focus on other things

These are just some tips if you are a first-time seller of your house. If you want to know more about real estate matters, get in touch now!



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