How to Ensure You Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home

How to Ensure You Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home

Putting your home in the Whangarei real estate market hoping to get top dollar as you pass it on to its next owner involves careful planning and decision-making, foresight, and establishing the right connections.

The home you intend to sell is precious to you, not just as an asset, but as a place where over the years, memories have been formed. It is only right to be discerning as you find a new owner who will value your home as much as you did.

As for determining the accurate market value of your home, you need to seek the aid of a professional Whangarei-based real estate agent to understand how you can assign the best price to your property. Aside from learning the market value of your home, you need an agent who will help and guide you in your selling journey from start to finish.

How a Licensed Real Estate Agent Can Help

Having a seasoned and trustworthy real estate agent who will give you an honest assessment and appraisal of your home is of prime importance. Aim to partner with an agent who has the best intentions for you — whose goal is to help you to sell your home at an agreeable price and not to settle on a less than ideal rate.

The best Whangarei real estate agent will help you do the following to ensure that you get top dollar in selling your home:


Your agent will appraise your home using best valuation practices for you to know how much your home is worth, given the current conditions.


Your agent will put your home into relevant listings to expand your market reach and increase your chances of connecting with people who are more likely to purchase your property.

Methods of Sale

Your trustworthy Whangarei real estate agent will advise you on the method of sale that suits your needs, goals, and time that you have allotted for the entire selling process. Methods of sale include selling by deadline sale, advertised price, POA (Price on Application), auction, or tender.

After you and your real estate agent have agreed on the appraisal, listings, and methods of sale, your agent will give you tips that will help you prepare your home for the market. It will cost you some money but, they will be worth spending as it increases the probability of having your house sold. These include the following:

  1. Deep clean your home.
  2. Make the necessary repairs.
  3. Consider re-painting your home.
  4. Get rid of the clutter and or putting into storage bulky items.
  5. Add a nice touch at the main door or your chosen focal point.

Now that you have tips and ideas on how to earn more from selling your home, call Louise so she can walk you through the entire selling process. We will help you minimise risks as you navigate the Whangarei real estate market.



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