Choosing the Perfect Agent

Navigating the world of real estate is risky. Factor in the pandemic and its accompanying lockdown could make buying and selling homes even more challenging. Lockdown or not, hiring a licensed real estate agent in Whangarei will be more beneficial than trying to wing it on your own. To guide you in your quest for the perfect agent, we have gathered a few things you should consider and why they matter.

Years of Experience in the Business

It is best to partner with a professional who has several years of experience in the Whangarei real estate market. Why? You are about to embark on a life-changing journey that involves your hard-earned money so it is imperative to have a trusted agent with a proven reputation, to guide you through the entire process and transact on your behalf. Also, seasoned agents have more experience in handling different types of scenarios and can help you come up with viable solutions, in case you encounter challenges along the way. Through their years in the business, they are already experts when it comes to valuation best practices — especially handy when it comes to evaluating and assigning the ideal selling price for your property.

Just be careful of those who over promise at valuation and then soon seek you to reduce your asking price. This is knowing as ‘buying your listing’.

Gives Honest Appraisals 

Choosing a trustworthy agent is critically important for people who intend to sell their homes. A real estate agent who can provide an honest appraisal on a property, given the existing market conditions (with evidence), the location, and identify any issues within the state of remain within the house, gives you an idea of how much your home (and biggest asset is worth). A great agent can also help explain how your drivers for selling and property affect their proposed choice of sale method and other factors related to putting their home on the market.

Wants the Best Outcome for You

The perfect Whangarei real estate agent will work hard to help you get the best outcome for you whether you are selling your home or buying a property. A good agent won’t lead you to get in a transaction that is far from what you have agreed on at the onset. With expert advice and great insight, the perfect agent will guide you and will not let you settle for anything less.




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